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Teeming with wildlife, including the elusive red squirrel, Backmuir Wood is a gorgeous mix of ancient broadleaved woodland, conifer and open glades. With its breathtaking views, a rich variety of flora and fascinating fungi, this wood will appeal to all those who love exploring the natural world.




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  • Broadleaved woodland

How to get to Backmuir Wood

Made up of 56.9 hectares (140.6 acres), Backmuir Wood is between the villages of Muirhead and Liff, to the east of the Carse of Gowrie and around 4km (2.5 miles) north-west of Dundee.

From Dundee, take the A923 towards Muirhead, turning left onto Liff Road. There is a car park about 1km (0.6 miles) down Liff Road at the southern end of the wood.

The nearest train stations are Invergowrie, 5.8km (3.6 miles) from the wood, and Dundee, 11.3km (7 miles) away.

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The nearest bus stop is Edward Place, on Coupar Angus Road (near the Post Office and opposite Liff Road).

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Facilities and access

The main entrance is from the car park at the southern end of the wood. There are other entrances off Liff Road, one entrance from the Coupar Angus Road (across a field and not signposted), and another from The Logan (a path to the west). Entrances are either pedestrian gates or squeeze gaps of at least 1.2 metres wide.

There is a network of over 8km (5.2 miles) of paths, including almost 4km (2.2 miles) of surfaced path which runs from the car park and the entrance nearest Muirhead on Liff Road to a seat on the western side of the wood. Some routes link to the wider Sidlaw Path Network.

Apart from the surfaced path, most trails are rough with exposed tree roots and stones, and may be muddy in places.

There is a free Woodland Trust car park with space for around 12 cars (with a height barrier of 2.1 metres) at the southern end of the wood, and a disabled car park with space for two vehicles off Liff Road, accessed through a gate with a RADAR padlock.

There is also space for 2-3 cars in a lay-by at the sharp bend in Liff Road, as well as residential parking in Muirhead.

The nearest toilets with disabled facilities are at Camperdown Country Park, around 3km (1.9 miles) from the wood, in the direction of Dundee.

Wildlife and habitats


You may spot red squirrels as they scamper up trees, or catch a glimpse of shy roe deer. Listen for the song of chiffchaff and yellowhammer, or the drumming of great spotted woodpecker in the treetops.

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Trees, plants and fungi

Backmuir Wood is perfect for budding botanists, with its weird and wonderful fungi, carpets of wild flowers, mighty trees and lichens and sphagnum mosses which cling to the mix of broadleaf and conifer trees in the wood.

Look out for:


Backmuir Wood is a mix of ancient broadleaved woodland, conifer and open glades, making it the ideal place to find a wealth of diverse flora and fauna.


The Woodland Trust acquired the main part of Backmuir Wood in 1996, thanks to funding from Scottish Natural Heritage, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Gannochy Trust and the local community.

About Backmuir Wood

Backmuir Wood, which was once part of the Earl of Moray’s estate, was most likely planted in the 18th century to provide cover for game. It passed into the private ownership of the Gibson family in 1918 as part of the tenanted Liff Farm.

Millennium Corner

In 2000 the Trust purchased an extension called ‘Millennium Corner’, with funding from Homebase. We purchased a further seven hectares adjacent to Muirhead in 2009, thanks to local fundraising and a grant from Angus Environmental Trust under the Landfill Communities Fund.

Dedication bench at Watkins Wood

Dedicate at this wood

This wood is one of more than 50 across the UK where it's possible to dedicate trees, benches or larger areas of woodland. Mark a special occasion or celebrate the life of a loved one with a meaningful gesture that lasts. 

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Things to do at Backmuir Wood


With 8.5km (5.2 miles) of trails available, there is so much to explore. A surfaced 3.7km (2.2 miles) trail crosses the wood from south to north, with a loop and a fantastic viewpoint at its western end.

Early purple orchid with blurred background

A lasting legacy

This wood is just one of many to have been protected by gifts in wills, securing it for generations to come. Your legacy gift could also make a real difference to woods, trees and wildlife.

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Backmuir Wood Management Plan

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