86p of every £1 you give

is spent directly on woods, trees and wildlife

Everything we do is an investment in the future.

And every penny you give us will protect the woods and trees you love.

£81.4 million

invested for nature

That's how much we spent on our cause between June 2022 and May 2023.

See what your money achieved

Creating woods and planting trees

£31.3 million spent

We trumped our woodland creation target last year, getting 2,724 hectares of native woods in the ground – that's 10 square miles of vital new habitat. And we know exactly how many of you mucked in: 267,928 adults and children got to plant their own tree. The first saplings went in at Snaizeholme, our mammoth project in the Yorkshire Dales, where we're also restoring  three square kilometres of blanket bog, limestone pavement and riverside meadow.

In March, meanwhile, locals helped us plant the last of 120,000 trees at Brynau, outside Neath – our biggest ever new wood in Wales.

Restoring ancient woodland and other habitat

£18 million spent

Our mission to breathe life into Britain's degraded woods forged ahead in 2022–23, and by the end of the year we'd restored 789 hectares – more than three times the previous year's tally.

Perhaps the stand out story was progress at Loch Arkaig, our internationally important Caledonian pinewood near Fort William. Here, a combination of heavy horses and the UK's first freshwater timber barge is making a dent in the 82,000 tonnes of Sitka spruce we must remove to allow the famous 'granny pines' to regenerate.

Protecting woods and trees

£20.7 million spent

Every year our campaigns team fights for around 300 ancient woods and veteran trees in peril. Our successes in 2023 included saving the King's Spy Oak, an eight-metre-round garden goliath in suburban Reading. A Roundhead hideout during the English Civil War, it had been threatened by plans to build a single house.

In Scotland, meanwhile, our supporters helped win a huge breakthrough for woodland protection when Parliamentarians there passed strict new guidelines warning planners not to approve projects which destroy or damage ancient woods or veteran trees.

Thank you so much for campaigning with us.

Generating funds

£11.4 million spent

This is the money we spent on running our backroom operation and recruiting new donors. We raised £5.44 in return for each £1 we invested in generating funds – 9% up on the previous year – and spent 86p in every £1 on our charitable objectives.

Annual review and report and accounts

More detail on our income and expenditure can be found in our annual review and report and accounts.

Accountability and transparency

The Woodland Trust is regulated by the Charity Commission and is a registered charity number 294344 in England and Wales and by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, registered charity number SC038885 in Scotland.

Our annual accounts are published on the Charity Commission website and Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator.