We are currently asking supporters to donate to us using JustGiving, an online fundraising platform that raises money on behalf of the Woodland Trust.

Whatever you choose to give, donating through JustGiving is secure, quick and cost effective, so more money goes directly towards achieving our vision for woods and trees.

Your donations are doing incredible things

Credit: Alan Williams / naturepl.com

Space for wildlife

Your support creates new woodland for the wildlife that depends on it. Just six years after planting half a million trees at Heartwood Forest near St Albans, wildlife numbers there doubled. Butterflies, small mammals and declining birds like skylarks are just some of the animals now thriving thanks to the work you made possible.

Credit: Phil Formby / WTML

A voice for woods

Support like yours allows our determined campaigning team to fight inappropriate development that destroys precious woods and trees. Since 1999 we’ve saved more than 1,000 ancient woods from housing, road building and quarries, and fought off proposals for caravan parks, paintballing and golf courses.

82p of every £1 you give
is spent directly on woods, trees and wildlife

How we spend your money

We can’t do our work without you. Every pound you give bolsters our fighting funds, pays for hard graft in our woods and gets trees in the ground. But don’t just take our word for it. Find out what your money is helping to achieve.

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