We've partnered up with Nectar to make joining the Woodland Trust even more rewarding.

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Collect up to 10,000 points with Woodland Trust membership

Join today and bag your Nectar points. You'll also get 3x points on woodland products at Sainsbury's. All you need is your Nectar card or app to hand. 

  • Individual membership = 960 Nectar points
  • Joint membership = 1,080 Nectar points
  • Life membership = 7,000 Nectar points
  • Joint life membership = 10,000 Nectar points

Become a member

Credit: Sainsbury's

Already a member? Link Nectar and your Woodland Trust membership to collect Nectar points when you shop

You'll collect three points per £1 spent on woodland products in-store or online with Sainsbury's, including free range eggs, chicken and turkey, Best of British apples and Woodland Trust jute bags for life. And what's more, every purchase supports our work. Just look for the Woodland Trust logo on products in-store or online.

Link your Nectar account

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Donate Nectar points for woods and trees

Fight climate change with 5,000 points to lock up around a tonne of carbon, or help grow the woods of the future with 2,000 to plant a tree.

Donate your Nectar points