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Wildlife at Plas Power Woods

Resident mammals include fox, badger, wood mouse, bank vole, hedgehog, stoat, polecat, grey squirrel and bat – lesser horseshoe bats roost in the tunnel under the road at Nant Mill and pipistrelle bats roost in the roof.

Red admiral (Photo: WTML / John Bridges)

The wood is home to many birds such as owl, pied fly catcher, wood pigeon, starling, wren, nuthatch, great spotted woodpecker, carrion crow, jackdaw, jay, magpie, rook, mistle thrush, blackbird, robin, redwing, yellowhammer, pied wagtail, goldcrest, coal tit, great tit, blue tit, long tailed tit, chaffinch, bullfinch, goldfinch, greenfinch, sparrow hawk, and kestrel. Dipper, grey wagtail, heron and kingfisher can be found by the river.

Invertebrates include grass snake, common lizard, adder, slow worm, stonefly, mayfly, caddisfly, damselfly, dragonfly, freshwater shrimp, water beetles and alderfly. Butterfly species include red admiral, painted lady, peacock, comma, large white, green veined white, brimstone, orange tip, small tortoiseshell, common blue, meadow brown, gatekeeper, speckled wood and cinnabar moth.