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Wildlife at Duncliffe Wood

The wood is a reservoir of wildlife, with over twenty species of butterfly being recorded, including:

  • Green veined white
  • Orange tip
  • Silver-washed fritillary
  • Marbled white
  • Ringlet
  • Brimstone
  • Common blue
  • Peacock
  • Hedge Brown
  • Meadow brown
  • Speckled wood

Other invertebrates include glow worms which can be seen at dusk on warm evenings in June and July in the grass alongside the main bridleway. They appear as small, green, neon-like lights, each representing the tail of a female glow-worm trying to entice a male to mate.

Bird species include tawny owl, treecreeper, green and great spotted woodpecker, nuthatch, jay and buzzard. There are six species of bat recorded at Duncliffe, including natterer’s bat, brown long-eared bat and noctule bat. Mammals include roe deer, fox, badger and dormouse; and adders are known to breed on the hill.