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The Man Who Planted Trees assembly

Inspire your pupils with the story of The Man Who Planted Trees.

The Man Who Planted Trees is a book written by Jean Giono. It tells the story of a man who planted thousands of acorns in the hills of southern France, transforming the area and the lives of the people who lived there. It shows how one person’s actions can make a huge difference, both to the environment and to other people.

This assembly uses striking imagery to tell the story. It also includes information about woods and trees, and how they enrich our lives.

Download the assembly kit

We estimate this assembly will take 20 minutes to deliver and advise allowing a further 10 minutes for questions and discussion.

Assembly presentation (PPT 7.4MB) 

Teacher notes (PDF 0.4MB)

Get two points on the Green Tree Schools Award

By delivering this assembly to your whole school you can earn two points on the Green Tree Schools Award.

After you have delivered your assembly, please email to let us know it’s completed Two points will be added to your account after we receive your email (usually within two weeks).

Plant trees to commemorate the First World War

In the story, one of the characters leaves to fight in the First World War. If you have applied for our giveaway trees as part of our Centenary Woods project, this assembly can support your tree-planting activity.

If you would like to plant trees in your school or community to commemorate the First World War, you can still apply for trees.


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The Centenary Woods project is supported by our lead partner Sainsbury's, helping us plant millions of native trees to commemorate the First World War.