Trees can’t speak for themselves. But if they could, what do you think they’d say?

For this challenge, we’d like your pupils to create their own tree champion. It could be a person, an animal or a made-up creature. They will be a spokesperson for woods and trees, standing up for them and fighting their corner.

Use the resources below to help your class be as imaginative and creative as they can. Encourage them to think about what trees might want to tell us and the stories they could share. How will their characters voice a tree’s thoughts and feelings? How will they make people listen?

After your pupils have created their characters, hold a vote to choose the top three and email them to us to earn two points on the Green Tree Schools Award.

Get two points on the Green Tree Schools Award

To claim your points you’ll need to send us your school’s top three tree champion characters.

Scan or photograph your pupils’ artwork and email them to with the subject line 'Tree champion challenge'.

We’ll add your points to your account after we’ve received your evidence (usually within two weeks).

How we use your photos

We like to use images and quotes from schools to inspire other teachers and pupils about outdoor learning. They could appear on our award materials, website, press releases and social media.

If you'd prefer us not to use your photos and comments in this way, please make this clear when you send them to us. If you're happy for us to use them, please make sure you have permission from parents and photographers before you submit them.

You can find out more about we use and look after your personal information in our privacy policy.

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The Tree Charter

This challenge supports the Charter for Trees, Woods and People. Inspired by the ancient Charter of the Forest, the new Tree Charter aims to help people and trees live happily together. It will help us look after trees and woods and celebrate the rights we all have to enjoy the benefits they provide. It's supported by thousands of organisations, communities and tree-lovers.

Find out more about the Tree Charter

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