For this challenge we’d like your school to have a tree party. It’s a chance to get your pupils out in the fresh air, share some lovely food and have fun together, all in the company of a very special guest – a tree!

Why should we celebrate trees and woods? Well, they’re amazing. They clean the air we breathe, they’re inspirational and beautiful, and to generations of children they’re the best playgrounds. They are such an important part of our history and our childhoods and they deserve to be celebrated.

By throwing a tree party you can earn two points on the Green Tree Schools Award.

Top party tips

  • Choose a venue – host your party around a tree in your school grounds, or head to your local park or wood.
  • Invite your guests – open it up to your whole school, you could even invite parents and families.
  • Make some decorations - drape colourful bunting or streamers around your special tree (just remember to taken them down afterwards).
  • Ask your pupils to bring some yummy food – as an extra challenge can they make something tree-themed?
  • Plan some outdoor fun – head to our Tree Tools for Schools website for scavenger hunts, tree spotter sheets and more.

Credit: Michael Heffernan / WTML

Tasty treats

Encourage your pupils to make some wildlife-themed party food. How about leaf-shaped biscuits, a chocolate log cake, or a cheese and pineapple hedgehog? You could even forage for some wild blackberries to make a scrumptious pud.

How to claim your points

This challenge is worth two points on our award. To claim them, tell us about your school’s tree party. You can send us photos, tell us about your guest of honour and share all the fun that was had.

Email with the subject line 'Tree party'.

We’ll add your points to your account after we’ve received your evidence (usually within two weeks).

How we use quotes and photos

We like to use comments and photos from schools to inspire other teachers and young people about outdoor learning. With your permission, they could appear on our award materials, website, press releases and social media.

You can find out more about how we use and look after your personal information in our privacy policy.


If you're happy for us to share your quotes and photos as outlined above, please include the following permission statements in your email:

  • We confirm we have permission from the photographer to submit these photos and use them for the purposes stated.
  • We confirm we have permission from pupils' parents/guardians to share their photos, comments and names and use them for the purposes stated.

If you'd rather we didn't share them, please include the following statement in your email:

  • We would prefer that our photos and comments are not used for the purposes stated.

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