Trees are amazing. They clean our air, make homes for wildlife and provide places for people to play and relax. So become a School Woodland Ambassador today and spread the message that we all need trees.

This challenge encourages pupils to celebrate the UK’s trees, learn why they are important for wildlife and people, and share their findings with others. It’s an engaging way for youngsters to learn outdoors and it can be linked to many areas of the curriculum.

There are three parts to this challenge. Complete all of them to earn three points on the Green Tree Schools Award.

Part 1 – Visit a wood and create a visual display

Your pupils will need to visit a wood or a park with lots of trees. While you’re there, see if you can identify the trees around you. Encourage children to study a tree – look at its leaves with a magnifying glass, feel the bark with their fingertips, and lie on the ground to gaze up at the canopy. Talk about why we need trees and the threats they face.

Back at school, design a poster or make a classroom display about your trip and why trees are important.

We’ll need to see evidence such as photos of your display or poster.

Part 2 – Put on a performance for your whole school

Bring the woods to life for your audience! Get your pupils to re-enact their woodland adventure on stage. Create a slideshow using photos taken out in the woods. Or present an assembly showing what they’ve learnt and sharing any exciting discoveries.

We’ll need to see evidence such as photos, video clips, a script, or a child’s review of the performance.

Part 3 – Spread the word beyond your school

Think about how you can share your woodland experience with people outside your school, such as parents or your local community. You could link up with another school to tell them about the importance of trees, invite parents to a special assembly, or write a story for your school website or social media account.

We’ll need to see evidence such as photos, video clips or website links.

How to claim your points

This challenge is worth three points on our award. To claim them, send us evidence to show how you’ve completed all three parts. (Please don’t adapt existing work or activities. You must demonstrate your school has worked on a dedicated School Woodland Ambassador project.)

Email your photos, videos and stories to with the subject line 'School Woodland Ambassador challenge'.

We’ll add your points to your account after we’ve received your evidence (usually within two weeks).

How we use quotes and photos

We like to use comments and photos from schools to inspire other teachers and young people about outdoor learning. With your permission, they could appear on our award materials, website, press releases and social media.

You can find out more about how we use and look after your personal information in our privacy policy.


If you're happy for us to share your quotes and photos as outlined above, please include the following permission statements in your email:

  • We confirm we have permission from the photographer to submit these photos and use them for the purposes stated.
  • We confirm we have permission from pupils' parents/guardians to share their photos, comments and names and use them for the purposes stated.

If you'd rather we didn't share them, please include the following statement in your email:

  • We would prefer that our photos and comments are not used for the purposes stated.

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