Woods are exciting places to explore, especially for children.

They can experience the thrill of climbing a tree. Follow a trail of mystery footprints in the mud. And catch a glimpse of a shy creature darting through the undergrowth. And the best bit? No two visits are ever the same.

We love hearing how much youngsters enjoy trees and nature, so for this challenge we’d like your pupils to tell us about their trip to the woods.

When you send us their art, stories and photos you’ll earn two points on the Green Tree Schools Award.

Get creative

Encourage your students to think about how the woodland made them feel. What did they expect it to be like? Which sounds, sights and smells did they experience? What was their favourite bit?

Your pupils can express their thoughts and feelings in a variety of ways. Here are some ideas to get them started:

  • Create a piece of outdoor art using natural items found in the woods.
  • Write a review of their woodland adventure and give it a star rating.
  • Record their comments on audio or video.
  • Draw or paint a picture of the wood.
  • Write a poem about the different sights, sounds and smells.
  • Take photographs of their favourite parts of the wood and write captions about each one.
Get two points on the Green Tree Schools Award

To claim your points you’ll need to send us your pupils’ experiences of their woodland adventure.

Email your photos, videos and stories to learning@woodlandtrust.org.uk with the subject line 'Woodland words and images'.

We’ll add your points to your account after we’ve received your evidence (usually within two weeks).

How we use your photos

We like to use images and quotes from schools to inspire other teachers and pupils about outdoor learning. They could appear on our award materials, website, press releases and social media.

If you'd prefer us not to use your photos and comments in this way, please make this clear when you send them to us. If you're happy for us to use them, please make sure you have permission from parents and photographers before you submit them.

You can find out more about we use and look after your personal information in our privacy policy.

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