We're celebrating all the fantastic work done by youngsters on the Green Tree Schools Award and we'd love to hear from you!

For this challenge, please share your experience of the Award and the impact it's had on your school. Your testimony could inspire a school to embark on their own journey on the Award and will help us improve our educational activities.

You can take part at any point in your Award journey – whether you've just completed your first challenge or you're about to achieve the platinum level.

There are three parts to this challenge. Complete them all to earn three points on the Green Tree Schools Award.

Part 1 - Share a quote

Tell us about your experience on the Green Tree Schools Award in your own words.

  • Provide a quote from a student describing their most memorable moment or what they have learnt about trees and woods by working on the Award.
  • Provide a quote from a teacher or support staff describing how the Award has benefitted your school.

Since starting the Green Tree Schools Award, our boys have made massive progress in learning, patience, tolerance, socialisation, taking risk and showing creativity. Most of all, they've really enjoyed their time together outdoors. This has truly been a life-changing experience for them.

Trish Dobbs
Teacher and Forest School practitioner

Part 2 - Share a photo

Send us a photo that represents your best work on the Award. This could be a successful tree-planting event, an exciting woodland visit or a fun outdoor lesson. Please include the name of the photographer and ensure you get the necessary permissions before sharing it with us.

If you'd prefer not to send photos of children, you can submit images of students' work, classroom displays and outdoor learning areas that demonstrate your participation in the Award.

Part 3 - Tell us about your experience

We'd love to understand more about the impact of the Green Tree Schools Award on your pupils and staff and how it's made a difference.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Which challenge have your students enjoyed the most and how has the Award inspired them about woods and trees?
  2. How has the Award helped you improve your school environment and take action for nature?
  3. Has your Award experience helped improve the wellbeing of pupils and staff in your school? If so, how?
  4. Has the Award had a positive impact on wider issues at your school, for example safer outdoor learning through Covid or reduced energy bills during the cost of living crisis?
  5. What would you say to another school thinking of joining the Award?

How we use your quotes and photos

We like to use comments and photos from schools to inspire other teachers and young people about outdoor learning. With your permission, they could appear on our award materials, website, press releases and social media.

You can find out more about how we use and look after your personal information in our privacy policy.

How to claim your points

Three points will be awarded for completing all three parts of this challenge – providing quotes, photos and answering questions.

Email your submissions to learning@woodlandtrust.org.uk with the subject line 'Our award story'.

We’ll add your points to your account after we’ve received your evidence (usually within two weeks).


If you're happy for us to share your quotes and photos as outlined above, please include the following permission statements in your email:

  • We confirm we have permission from the photographer to submit these photos and use them for the purposes stated.
  • We confirm we have permission from pupils' parents/guardians to share their photos, comments and names and use them for the purposes stated.

If you'd rather we didn't share them, please include the following statement in your email:

  • We would prefer that our photos and comments are not used for the purposes stated.

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