Government has dealt a killer blow to 108 irreplaceable ancient woods by giving HS2 the go ahead. It has entirely disregarded the environment in making its decision, proving it is not serious about addressing the current ecological crisis. The decision has understandably left many campaigners feeling defeated. But this doesn't mean our work to protect irreplaceable habitats is over.

At times like this it’s important to take stock and remember what we’re fighting for. A woodland visit will remind you what it is you love about our precious woods and recharge your batteries ready for the next round of campaigning. Here are more ways to get involved.

Smithy Wood saved but more need your help

We’re delighted after service station plans threatening Smithy Wood were withdrawn in January. The ancient woodland sits alongside the M1 Motorway, north of Sheffield, and is home to birds, bats, bluebells and butterflies. This victory is thanks to our incredible supporters who have campaigned with us for six long years.

But while Smithy Wood is safe for now, more than 1,000 ancient woods are still under threat across the UK.

With the launch of a final consultation, our latest campaign relates to plans for a new tunnel under the River Thames. Known as the Lower Thames Crossing, the Highways England proposal would link Essex and Kent. But it could impact at least 12 ancient woods – including our own Ashenbank Wood - and 15 veteran trees. This consultation could be our last chance to save them from destruction. Add your voice now.

Large multi-stemmed tree in Brewers Wood with smaller green-leafed trees in the background

Protecting trees and woods

Ancient woods and trees threatened by Lower Thames Crossing

We’ve been campaigning against proposals for a new tunnel between Essex and Kent since 2016. Now Highways England has developed its plans and is consulting on the changes, we need your help again.

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Urge climate action with trees and woods

We are living in a climate emergency, with limited time to achieve the urgent reduction in greenhouse gases that we need. In its bid to reach net carbon zero by 2050, the Government’s climate change advisers have set a target of 17-19% woodland cover.

The decisions we make now about how and where we expand tree cover will have long-lasting implications. The right trees in the right places are vital.

The Emergency Tree Plan is our vision for how the UK can increase tree cover and help to tackle both the nature and climate crises. 

Rescuers in safety wear take a resident on a boat down a flooded street

Protecting trees and woods

Demand government action on climate change

Governments must act before it’s too late. We need your help to make our Emergency Tree Plan recommendations reality.

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Show the Love for woods and trees

As a proud member of The Climate Coalition, we always look forward to its annual Show the Love campaign.

From February 5-29, the campaign aims to spark conversations about climate change among our peers and politicians. This year we’re focusing on how to make the UK’s carbon zero target for 2050 a reality, including nature-based solutions like tree planting.

Show how much you love trees and woods by creating a voice for change that is impossible to ignore. Check out our three quick and easy ideas.

Smiling child with Woodland Trust placard and Tshirt sits on a wall as other campaigners walk by

Protecting trees and woods

Our work with The Climate Coalition

We're an active member of The Climate Coalition, a group of over 100 organisations dedicated to limiting the impact of climate change on the people, places and life we love.

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Record number of MPs meet to discuss woods and trees

In January, more than 1,800 of you showed your MPs how much woods and trees mean to you by asking them to attend our All-Party Parliamentary Group. On the day, 24 parliamentarians from urban and rural areas across England, Scotland and Wales joined us, leaving standing room only! Many of them told us they felt compelled to attend after receiving so many emails from constituents. Your voice makes a difference.

At the meeting, MPs discussed the next steps needed to protect, restore and expand woods and trees based on our Emergency Tree Plan. Find out if your MP attended and what was discussed.

Ancient wild service tree in Stoke Woods

Protecting trees and woods

All-Party Parliamentary Group for Woods and Trees

The APPG meets several times a year to discuss steps to protect, restore and expand woods and trees in a time of climate and nature crises

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Walsall sets street tree example

The residents of Pelsall are now opening their curtains to streets lined with 35 new trees. Walsall Volunteer Tree Wardens, councillors and schoolchildren planted the young trees in January. Residents will soon start to feel the benefits, including reduced pollution and noise levels.

Our street trees team trained the wardens to deliver tree planting events and helped them create a planting scheme proposal for their area too.  

Street trees are important for people, wildlife and the environment. Discover the value of street trees where you live.

Trees with pink blossom on a street with buildings and lots of vehicles

Protecting trees and woods

The Street Trees project

Poor management, shrinking budgets and simple neglect means our street trees are disappearing. It's up to us to demand change.

Stand up for street trees

Help protect ancient woods and trees