On 5 May 2022, thousands of candidates stood for election, hoping to represent local people as councillors , mayors or Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) across Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and parts of England. Thank you for joining us in urging them to commit to woods and trees. With your help, more people will be able to more easily access and enjoy the benefits of trees where they live.

Leafy green, tree filled neighbourhoods are healthier and more enjoyable places to live. Accessible woodlands, high canopy cover and thriving mature street trees bring enormous value for local people in many ways.

We asked candidates to make a commitment to woods and trees in their constituency, including to:

  • protect irreplaceable habitats. Ancient woods, veteran trees and valuable, mature trees in the community must be cared for, not lost to or damaged by local developments or threatened by local plans and strategies.
  • increase tree canopy cover. People and wildlife should be able to benefit from tree lined streets and access to nearby woods.
  • defend our trees’ health. Action must be taken to protect trees from invasive pests and diseases. This should include establishing and/or supporting local tree nurseries to reduce risky tree imports.

What happens next?

We’ll be following up with the council leaders, mayors  and MLAs that were elected to make sure they deliver on their promises to woods and trees.

In Scotland we have already been able to influence party political manifestos. This great success sets us up to engage with Scotland’s new councillors on key issues for woods and trees to achieve positive changes locally.

We'll also be holding MLAs to account on the actions called for in our manifesto for the Northern Ireland Assembly elections:

  • protect and restore existing trees and woods
  • invest in creating new woodlands
  • support local tree nurseries to produce trees from seeds that have been sourced locally. 

Stay up to date

Follow our progress with the newly elected officials as well as our other campaigns.