Protect our living legends

Tell your government to save our oldest and most important trees.

Credit: John Smart / WTML
Credit: John Smart / WTML

Most of our oldest trees are not legally protected. We're urging governments across the UK to change that.

They're living legends. Pieces of history. Your heritage. They've witnessed centuries of change and been part of our landscape for generations. They're also vital havens for wildlife and important carbon stores. But our oldest and most valuable trees are also vulnerable.

Right now, most ancient trees have no real legal protection in the UK. Many face a range of threats. 

  • In the last 150 years, 50% of large trees have been lost from parts of Eastern England.
  • Three quarters of ancient trees are found outside of legally protected wildlife sites.
  • Local communities across the UK are having to take drastic measures to save important trees in their communities. Not every campaign succeeds.

These national treasures should be here to stay. They deserve the same sort of protection enjoyed by old buildings, beloved national recipes and other endangered wildlife – some of which can't survive without ancient trees.

Add your voice to our call for better protection

  • Our systems for protecting important trees urgently need updating.
  • We need improved laws to keep our oldest trees safe.

Our petition urges action for the UK's most special trees. By adding your voice to our campaign, you'll tell decision-makers to protect them properly. 

Tell your government to:
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Protect ancient trees

Give the UK’s very oldest and most important trees legal protection – like endangered wildlife, castles and old buildings already have.

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Stop the loss of old trees to development

Strengthen policy protection so that trees everywhere can grow old safe from harm. That's whether they're in new developments, urban areas or the countryside.

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Increase support for tree care

Make it easier for people who own and manage our oldest trees to access support to look after them.

Demand change

Better protection for our oldest trees is long overdue. Tell your government to protect our most important trees now.

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