Over the last year climate change has been moving up the agenda. According to a recent YouGov Poll, the environment is now the third most important issue for the public and higher than ever before. As the fight against climate change becomes ever more urgent, and individuals are looking for ways to play their part, we want to give everybody the opportunity to make a positive contribution for the planet. We’re calling it the Big Climate Fightback.

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Trees are impacted by climate change, but they’re also part of the solution. That’s why we’re asking one million people to make the pledge and plant a tree on Saturday 30 November. The mass planting will be part of our annual celebration of trees on this date: Tree Charter Day.

There’ll be loads of events and activity around the UK to get involved with, whether you want to plant on your own land or help elsewhere. Find out more about the Big Climate Fightback and pledge to take part.

Protecting trees and woods

The Big Climate Fightback

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Protecting existing carbon stores

Fighting climate change is not just about creating new woodland - it’s also about protecting those we already have. Our oldest ancient woodlands are an important carbon store. They're also irreplaceable habitats for our struggling wildlife. This week, the number of ancient woods threatened by development right now passed 1,000. That’s more than ever before, and just not acceptable.

One such development is the proposed Arundel Bypass. During the last consultation on the different route options, more than 5,000 wonderful supporters joined us in objecting. Every option suggested would have resulted in direct loss of ancient woodland. The worst option proposed destroying a massive 24 hectares.

Highways England has now released the revised plans. Despite the outcry, up to nine hectares of ancient woodland is still threatened. Although we’re pleased that 15 hectares have already been saved, we cannot afford to lose any irreplaceable habitat. We must ask for your help again - please join us in objecting to the options.

Cheltenham oaks saved at last

In September, we gave evidence at the appeal for a housing development that threatened some important veteran oaks in Cheltenham. This month, the verdict came in and we are delighted that the appeal was thrown out and the trees have been saved.

This case is a classic example that demonstrates the complexities of dealing with threatened woods.  The original planning application was submitted back in April 2017. It’s been refused by local authorities twice, taken to appeal and refused again. This is typical for planning applications of all shapes and sizes. But where ancient trees and woods are threatened, you can be sure that we’ll be in it for the long haul!

Latest news from HS2

On the subject of long lasting campaigns, we must again mention HS2. In September, the campaign reached a critical point, with the felling to make way for the scheme expected imminently. While protesters climbed the trees, the campaigns teams were working tirelessly behind the scenes.

At the last minute, the Government released a statement indicating that the enabling works affecting all ancient woodland would be deferred until after the review. This decision follows huge pressure from people like you. More than 33,000 individuals have added their voices to our campaign. We’re immensely grateful for the outpouring of support that has saved ancient woodland from unnecessary felling.

But we can’t rest easy. As happens so often, there’s a caveat. They are pressing ahead with vegetation clearance and evicting animals. This work needs to be stopped too. The review is still ongoing. We need to make sure that it considers the huge environmental impact of destroying ancient woodland.

You can still add your voice to the HS2 campaign. You can also use our new tool to call your MP to ask them to stand up for trees. We need to show them that voters in affected constituencies will not accept the ecologically damaging nature of the HS2 project.  

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These priceless national assets could be trashed for a project that may never happen. Tell Government this is unacceptable.

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