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Influencing government policy

To achieve our vision of a UK rich in native woods and trees, it is vital that government and policymakers understand nature’s importance and take action. We work to influence these groups to secure stronger protection for our valued woods and trees, and to reverse the decline in tree cover by creating better incentives for planting.

We influence government policy in two main ways:

Central and devolved government

We lobby and work with Members of Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales, the Scottish Parliament and the Northern Ireland Assembly to promote the value of woods and trees. Across a whole range of policy areas from agriculture to transport and the environment, we work to influence ministers and officials to ensure woods and trees are recognised in policy and investment decisions.

We write briefings for debates and parliamentary questions, host events, commission reports, respond to consultations, and even take MPs, MSPs and Assembly members to local woods to help them appreciate what’s at stake. As part of the Greener UK coalition, we’re lobbying for an environmentally-friendly Brexit too. 

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Local government

To get positive policies for trees and woods included in local plans and strategies, we lobby councillors, mayors and senior officers in district, county and unitary councils and combined authorities. We help deliver on these policies by working with local authorities to plant trees, create woods and better protect existing woods and trees. We also work with parish and town councils to influence policies in their neighbourhood plans.  

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