Central government

With the help of our passionate supporters and expert staff, we've been able to influence a number of high profile decisions that directly affect woods and trees.

Street tree consultations
Influenced policy which means councils are now duty bound to consult the public on street tree removal.
Ancient Woodland Inventory
Secured government funding to update the Ancient Woodland Inventory, more accurately identifying ancient woodland sites across England.
National Planning Policy Framework
Convinced government to update the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to include stronger protections for ancient woodlands and veteran trees.
Northern Forest
Obtained Government support and financial backing for the Northern Forest project, planting 50 million trees across the north of England.

Local authorities

We work with city and borough councils across the UK to improve regional policies, delivery and development plans, all to benefit trees, wildlife and people. We offer free trees, expert advice and access to grants, and councils are doing great things as a result. 

Almost 130 councils across the UK have heeded a Woodland Trust call to put trees at the heart of their climate crisis response. We're working closely with a number of them to put policy into practice. 

  • Plymouth: we worked with Plymouth City Council and partners to develop a Plymouth Plan for Trees, launched in March 2019.
  • Wrexham: in November 2018, we worked with Wrexham County Borough Council to deliver a Tree and Woodland Strategy.
  • Belfast: we're helping the council with plans to plant a million trees across the city.
  • Cardiff: the council intends to boost tree cover from 19% to 25% by 2030, and we're advising and helping them to access funding for planting.
  • Bristol: the city's goal is to double canopy cover to 24% by 2046. We're helping to locate land, secure funding and drum up support.
  • Highland: we're urging authorities across the Central Belt to map every inch of vacant and derelict land on which to plant trees.
  • Newcastle: our volunteers took part in a city-wide survey, leading to the council pledging to plant 20,000 new saplings over the next 30 years, with more in less well-off areas.
  • North Lincolnshire: the council is considering proposals to plant 20 new trees for every tree felled due to ash dieback.
  • Surrey: the council has pledged to plant a sapling for each of its 1.2 million residents by 2030. We're assisting with advice and tree packs for schools.
  • Sandwell: we're part-funding a council scheme to plant a tree for every four-year-old who starts school, resulting in 15,000 saplings by 2021. 

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If we can provide support to your city or borough council, contact us at governmentaffairs@woodlandtrust.org.uk.


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