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Protecting trees and woods

Urge the Senedd to restore nature with trees on farms

Our Ten Asks for Trees would boost the Sustainable Farming Scheme’s impact for Wales’ people and landscape. Urge the Senedd to make them happen.

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Plastic-free tree guard trialling on Kate Humble's Welsh farm


Discover how we're working with Kate Humble to find eco-friendly ways to safeguard her young saplings from deer nibbling on her Monmouthshire farm.

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Did you know?

Wales is one of the least-wooded countries in Europe. Woodlands make up just 14% of the landscape and less than half of these are native, or broadleaved.

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We own over 100 woods in Wales covering an area of 2,897 hectares (7,155 acres). Almost all of these are available for the public to visit at any time and for free.

To discover these woods, visit our woodland search page.

Did you know?

61,755 trees will be planted this season throughout Wales, donated by Coed Cadw, the Woodland Trust in Wales. We hope a similar or greater amount will be planted next season.

Enquire about our planting schemes.

Woodland wildlife

Our woods provide precious homes for more wildlife than any other terrestrial landscape. Here are some of the species to look out for in Wales.

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