11.11 ha (27.45 acres)

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Explorer 13
OS Landranger 161

Visitor announcement: Coed Cefn car park is closed

We have closed the car park at Coed Cefn as a precautionary measure to reduce the number of visitors to the wood. The closure will only be temporary but aims to ensure that those who visit are able to maintain the required level of social distancing during the current crisis, as advised by the Government.

Getting out into the fresh air brings many benefits for physical and mental wellbeing, which the Government recognises. But if too many people want to visit the same place at the same time, social distancing becomes difficult, if not impossible, and raises the risk of contracting the virus or inadvertently passing it on to others.

As Coed Cefn is a popular destination, attracting visitors by car from far and wide, closing the car park will help keep numbers at a manageable level. And to those that do visit, we ask you to please act responsibly and maintain your distance from others.

Read the latest on the situation.


Coed Cefn is an ancient woodland with a rich historical past: there is an iron age hillfort in the centre and a few non-native conifers remain hinting at the woodland's past extensive planting. Visit for a circular woodland walk with beautiful views out to the surrounding countryside and for fantastic displays of bluebells in April and May.


  • Parking at site
  • Public access
  • Spring flowers
  • Broadleaved woodland
Coed Cefn - Management plan


Coed Cefn Management Plan

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