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We're passionate about protecting woods and trees and creating new woods for people and wildlife, but we always need your help.

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Wales is one of the least wooded countries in Europe. Woodlands make up just 14% of the landscape and less than half of these are native, or broadleaved. Find out more about them below, and also what you can do to help protect them for the future.

Did you know?

Ancient woodland is irreplaceable and therefore especially valuable and important. Some ancient woods may even date back to the original wildwood that covered much of Wales following the last Ice Age.

Ancient woodland makes up less than 5% of the land area of Wales. However, the Welsh Government’s Planning Policy makes it clear that ancient woodland should be protected from development that would result in significant damage.

The Welsh Government has adopted an ambitious target to support the creation of 2,000 hectares of new woodland a year between now and 2030. We are keen to help deliver this. 

We own over 100 woods in Wales covering an area of 2,897 hectares (7,155 acres). Almost all of these are available for the public to visit at any time and for free.

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