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Explorer 223
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Lying in west Northamptonshire between Northampton and Rugby, Top Ardles Wood has good views over Ravensthorpe reservoir.

This woodland was planted in November 2000 and has plenty of grassy circular routes for you to enjoy.


  • Parking nearby
  • Public access
  • Grassland
  • Moorland
  • Broadleaved woodland

How to get to Top Ardles Wood

Top Ardles Wood is situated close to Ravensthorpe, Hollowell and East Haddon in west Northamptonshire.

From the A14 take the A5199 (the old A50) to Northampton, then the minor road west at Spratton towards Ravensthorpe village. Go through Teeton and pass the reservoir, as you enter the village the parish council sports field, where you'll find a car park, is signed right. 

Train stations are situated in Northampton and Rugby.

Visit National Rail for more information.

Public transport by bus is available to Ravensthorpe, with the nearest stop on Coton Road being about 200m from the wood entrance.

Visit Traveline for more information.

From the car park, continue on foot up the field edge towards the corner. Access to the wood is beyond the old hedge.

Facilities and access

Access is over the recreation ground. An information board provides information on the path network. 

There are no restrictions at the entrance and the paths are generally level and in good condition. Please note that paths can become very wet in places. 

Car parking for at least four cars is available in the recreation ground car park off Teeton Road. Although the gate may be closed, it will not be locked.

Please do not park in either The Hollow or Church Gardens.

There are no toilet facilities nearby. 

Wildlife and habitats

The woodland is an undulating ex-arable site offering picturesque views of the nearby Ravensthorpe reservoir.


Visit in the summer to glimpse the dragonflies and damselflies darting along the sheltered ride, above the tufts of grass heads and clumps of self-heal and clovers.

You may spot blue tits, wood mice and butterflies. Look out for gatekeepers and marbled whites fluttering across the meadow, as red kites soar overhead.

Look out for:

Trees, plants and fungi

Look out for oak, ash, field maple, hornbeam and woody shrubs including hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel, guelder rose, spindle and damson along the path edges and woodland margins. Groves on the higher grounds offer the chance to see small-leaved lime, silver birch and crab apple. The site also has Scot’s pine which were planted on the higher ground as a nod to the surrounding historic planting in the landscape.

In spring take in the view of the hawthorn, blackthorn and crab apple blossom, as well as the drooping catkins of willow and hazel.

Look out for:


Top Ardles Wood is a native broadleaved woodland with mature hedgerows running along the western, northern and eastern boundaries. Some of these hedgerows were laid using traditional techniques and some are big and bushy. The varied topography of the site provides further interest in the form of wet flushes and sloping ground.


About Top Ardles Wood

In August 2000, the site was sown with a low-maintenance grass mix and planted up as native broadleaved woodland in November 2000 by volunteers and contractors.

Top Ardles Wood was part of the Woodland Trust's Millennium project 'Woods on Your Doorstep´.

Things to do in Top Ardles Wood

There are plenty of grassy circular routes for you to enjoy with your dog, family or friends.

Early purple orchid with blurred background

A lasting legacy

This wood is just one of many to have been protected by gifts in wills, securing it for generations to come. Your legacy gift could also make a real difference to woods, trees and wildlife.

Learn what your gift could mean


Top Ardles Wood Management Plan

PDF  (118 KB)