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Access and walks

Marl Hall Woods are accessible to a wide range of visitors and there is a designated parking area for up to 10 cars at the main entrance on Marl Lane. A surfaced trail suitable for the less-abled runs for the first 300m from the main entrance (including a wheelchair-accessible kissing gate) through the lower wood, allowing less agile visitors to access some of the best areas for spring flora on a short, straight walk.

Utilising the public footpath which crosses the site to the north-west and the permissive path which runs down to the road by Marle Hall itself (both accessed through kissing gates), it is possible to make a short, fairly easy circuit from the bus stop or from nearby housing estates. Some sections of path may be slippery when wet, but steps have been installed to help on the more difficult sections.

Upper wood

This can be accessed directly on foot from the public footpath via a stile and up a steep path with sections of stone and timber steps. The terrain within the upper wood, although containing some flatter sections, is generally more challenging than the lower wood. Paths tend to be natural surfaces of earth, stone and grass, and caution is advised during wet conditions as they can become very slippery. Many sections also have uneven surfaces with rocky outcrops and protruding roots.

The only other entrance into the upper woodland is a permissive access stile into the grounds of Bodysgallen Hall which links to a public right of way. A circular walk is suggested on the information panels and in the site leaflet. It is reasonably level but with some steeper sections, and encircles the perimeter of the upper woodland off which it is possible to visit the open grassland above the cliffs in the south-eastern corner of the site. As you would expect, there are beautiful views over the Conwy estuary and to the mountains of Snowdonia from this area, but care should be exercised in the vicinity of the cliffs.

The wood is easily accessed from Llandudno Junction or Bryn Pydew via public footpath and a visit can be combined with a longer walk, for example around Bodysgallen Hall, up to the nearby obelisk, or taking in Coed Bron Garth near Mochdre, which has a stunning bluebell display in spring.