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Local voices tell tales from the woods

The human heritage of Ledmore and Migdale Woods includes wartime Canadian foresters, lochside church services and remains of Andrew Carnegie's log cabin in Fairy Glen.

Three short audio visual presentations, or 'soundslides' based on these themes have been produced by volunteer interns. Each one features beautiful photography and the voices of local people sharing their memories and knowledge of a particular theme.

The soundslides are part of the three year People and Trees project at Ledmore & Migdale Woods, which is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, E.ON Rosehall Community Fund and Foundation Scotland, and includes access improvements as well as activities exploring the heritage of the woods.

Full recordings of the interviews conducted by our volunteers are held in Dornoch Heritage Museum, which has provided assistance for the project.

The Canadian Forestry Corps

Exploring the impact on local people of Canadian foresters recruited to help extract timber in the area during WW2. This soundslide calls on the memories of Blossom Gow who grew up in Clashmore, and Hamish Matheson who as a small boy had the excitement of a Canadian camp across the road from the family croft.

Made by: Kenneth Blyth, Fiona Chalmers, Kelly Morrison

Worship in the Woods

Looking back to a time before the Great Disruption of 1843, when local people broke away from the established church and held their services outdoors on the shore of Loch Migdale. The Rev John Forbes sets the period in context, while the Reverend Alexander Murray and Gavin Ross share insights informed by memories passed down through their families. The soundslide closes with two young Mod gold medallists singing a Gaelic psalm on the loch shore.

Made by: Neil Smith, Catriona Ross, Eleanor Garty

The Carnegie Log Cabin

Following Margaret Thomson, great grand-daughter of Andrew Carnegie, as she searches for the site of the family’s log cabin in the lovely Fairy Glen at Spinningdale. Echoes of parties and picnics from years gone by intertwine with the sound of the tumbling burn, and – with some help from Hamish ‘Humpton’ Matheson - the quest is rewarded with positive proof of the cabin’s location.

Made by: Charlotta Hellman, Gavin Ward