Thousands of you voted for the Survivor Tree in the European Tree of the Year 2021 competition. Sadly, it wasn’t quite enough to reach the top spot, and it placed 11th with 31,197 votes.

The Survivor Tree

Twenty years ago, Borders Forest Trust based its slogan: “Where one tree survives, a million trees will grow,” on a lone rowan clinging to a stream bank in Carrifran Valley. Today that survivor tree is lonely no more. It is surrounded by a little forest of its children, and lots of suckers are coming up from its base. This was some of the first natural regeneration the Trust achieved in the Carrifran Valley.

In addition to its own children, the rowan tree now has over half a million other native Scottish trees for company. Where once it dominated the view, it will soon be hidden from sight. The rowan tree no longer stands alone and is a symbol of the 20-year journey to revive the wild heart of Southern Scotland.

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