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Be a School Woodland Ambassador

To celebrate five years of our Green Tree Schools Award we introduced the School Woodland Ambassador challenge worth three points.

This challenge involves visiting a wood, learning about trees and sharing your experience with others. It's a great way of getting your pupils outdoors and can be linked to many areas of the curriculum.

There are three parts to the School Woodland Ambassador challenge:

1. Visit your local wood or park with trees

Search our map to find your nearest Woodland Trust wood.

When you're back at school, make a classroom display or poster about your trip for everyone in school to see. Use it to tell everyone why woods and trees are important to everyone.

We'll require evidence such as photos or scans of your display or poster.

2. Put on a play, assembly or presentation for your whole school

Use your play, assembly or presentation to re-enact your woodland adventure, show what you've learnt about British trees and woods, or share exciting discoveries from your trip.

We'll require evidence such as photos, video clips, the script, or a child’s review of the performance.

3. Tell everyone about it

Link up with another school to share your experience, invite parents to see your assembly or write about it for your school’s website, newsletter or social media.

We'll require evidence such as photos, video clips or website links.

How to get your three points

If your school is not already signed up, find out more and register for our award.

To receive points for this challenge you need to be able to demonstrate that your school has worked on a dedicated School Woodland Ambassador project.

We need to see evidence of activities designed for this challenge, rather than the adaptation of existing material. There should also be a clear focus on native British woods and trees and how they benefit us all.

Email your photos, videos, stories and other evidence to

You can also post your evidence to:

The Learning Team
Woodland Trust
Kempton Way
NG31 6LL

Please make sure you include your school name and address so we can add your points.

Three points will be awarded after we receive your evidence (usually within two weeks).