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Take the tree dressing challenge!

Tree dressing is based on many old customs from all over the world. It brings us closer to the trees that play such an important role in our lives as well as to each other.

There are lots of ways to take part in this activity which can earn your school two points. Why not invite families and friends to join pupils in celebrating and adorning the trees in their community?

  • Make decorations
  • Create paper leaves, decorate them or write a poem on them and hang them on trees
  • Craft woodland creatures from natural materials, perhaps fallen from trees and hedgerows, and use them to decorate trees
  • Design a poster to celebrate the tree dressing event
  • Research tree dressing in other cultures for inspiration
  • Share stories about your favourite trees.

You could plan your challenge to take place on the annual Tree Dressing Day in early December, or take part at any time during the year.

This activity is one of many ways to treasure our trees. Everyone in the UK has a right to the many benefits brought by trees and woods, especially children and this right is recognised, celebrated and protected by the Charter for Trees, Woods and People.

To claim two points for your school, send a photograph of your dressed trees to The points will be awarded to your Green Tree Schools Award profile.

Not signed up to the Green Tree Schools Award yet? It’s free, fun and has fantastic activities to help your school celebrate woods and trees.