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Northern Ireland

We care for 50 woods, covering 350 hectares, across Northern Ireland. Our woods are always open and free to visit.

Our work is in partnership with individuals and groups throughout Northern Ireland from farmers and landowners to schools and community groups.

We are also giving landowners a helping hand to create flourishing new woodland and children a chance to get to grips with nature. We continue to lobby local politicians and decision-makers with the aim of securing a brighter future for our trees, woods and the wildlife that depend upon them. 

Did you know?

Historically, woods have had a poor deal in Ireland, with woodland clearance beginning as far back as the Neolithic period, around 6,000 years ago.

Today, Northern Ireland ranks badly as one of the least wooded regions in Europe with just 8% woodland cover, compared with the European average of 37%. In addition, almost 60% of our woodland is in the form of recent conifer plantations.

Ancient woodland – that’s our last remaining link with the original wild wood established after the Ice Age – is a particularly scarce resource. This precious habitat makes up just 0.04% of the Northern Ireland landscape.

We have produced the first-ever record of ancient woodland in Northern Ireland. Have a look at Back on the Map website

► Download or view our Welcome to the Woodland Trust in Northern Ireland leaflet (PDF, 5.5MB).