3.72 ha (9.19 acres)

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Explorer 119
OS Landranger 185

This long and narrow ancient woodland lies on part of a scarp slope. Public access is limited by the lack of nearby parking facilities but a simple network of footpaths provides pedestrian access to almost all of the site.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ash dieback has taken hold here, and as a result we have sadly had to fell a large number of dying ash trees as well as some beech trees with significant fungal decay which were all presenting a safety hazard. Although the work may look drastic, please be assured we only felled what was absolutely necessary and with consent from the Forestry Commission.

Tree and shrub species including beech, field maple and hazel have been retained as well as some ash on the southern ridgeline which will decline naturally.

Most of the copse’s ancient soil was undisturbed by limiting machinery access to specific paths. Some brash, logs and felled trees have been left on site to provide dead wood habitats. The works were carefully considered, and natural tree and shrub regeneration will restock the gaps over time. Our management decisions are centred on the best, long-term interests of trees and woods, and the people and wildlife that depend upon and benefit from them.



  • Public access
  • Broadleaved woodland


Runnydown Copse Management Plan

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