5.41 ha (13.37 acres)

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Explorer 115
OS Landranger 192

Percy Wakley wood is currently a quiet rural secondary woodland located just off the old A30. It is composed of two narrow diagonally opposed blocks with a narrow corridor between them. The wood is generally flat with a slight north west aspect. Although within a mile of the villages of Rockbeare Strete Ralegh and Marsh Green these are small (total population approximately 900). The wood is tucked down a quiet country lane with limited parking and this limits use of the wood. It has a secluded feel as it is bounded by mature hedges. Mature high forest woodland forms approximately third of the wood and a further two-thirds were planted by the Woodland Trust in 1993/94 on semi improved grassland with a small pond between the two. The woodland creation area is bounded by mature hedgerows. The wood is broadleaf with predominant species being ash oak field maple and willow. The mature woodland is drawn-up over stood ash coppice in the main. Although in parts the ground flora is dominated by rank vegetation it also contains species such as honeysuckle common spotted orchid enchanter's nightshade wood woundwort red campion & herb robert and is potentially a source for these species to spread into the newer woodland in the longer term.


  • Parking at site
  • Public access
  • Broadleaved woodland


Percy Wakley Wood Management Plan

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