0.98 ha (2.42 acres)

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Explorer 115
OS Landranger 192

The woods consist of 3 small blocks of recently established woodland on the southern side of West Hill near Ottery St Mary. The area is part of the East Devon pebble bed heaths and therefore the woodland is on nutrient poor acidic soils and the vegetation in the woodland reflects this. Broadoak is a naturally formed birch woodland with a mainly bracken understory which gives the wood an attractive, heathy feel. Clayton Wood and the Keep were planted in 1980 with a mix predominantly of ash oak and wild cherry but with some limes included. Many of the boundaries have mature oak beech and birch trees on them which add significantly to the interest of the woods. As the site is surrounded by housing invasive plants can be a problem particularly cotoneaster. The site is generally flat and has circular paths around it which while they can be wet at low points are suitable for users of less mobility. Car parking is limited to finding space on public roads at either end of the wood.


  • Public access
  • Broadleaved woodland


Broadoak Plantation, Clayton Wood & The Keep Management Plan

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