1.48 ha (3.66 acres)

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The site was gifted to the woodland trust in 2017 and the initial planting was carried out in November 2018 with help from a local school group. The woodland is situated on a gentle North West facing slope, on the outskirts of Bishop Wilton village. Access to the site is down Park Lane which, if approaching from a NW direction, is on the left just as you pass through Bishop Wilton village. Bishop Wilton Village is approximately 14m to the East of the center of York. The maintenance access gate to the site can be seen approx. 150m down Park Lane on the right. There is no formal parking for the site however parking is possible on the grass verge at the maintenance gate.There is one entrance point to the woodland and this leads to a single circular footpath working its way through the site with a bench at the far end of the wood which enjoys pleasant far reaching views over towards York. The site has relatively low footfall but popular with local dog walkers. An information board has been installed at the entrance to the wood providing a simple map of the site and highlighting things for visitors to keep their eyes out for. An additional information board was installed in 2019 at the top of the site.The woodland is home to a number of standout trees with mature field maple & Ash dotted along the boundaries of the site. The more open land at the bottom of the wood shows evidence of historic ridge & furrow, this land has been planted with a small number of individual trees to be grown in an open setting. Shrubs are abundant above the wood pasture with the inclusion of a range of tree species. A band of mature Hawthorn has been long established towards the top end of the site. Hedgerows surround the site with agricultural grazing land surrounding 3 of the 4 sides, these fields hold scattered pockets of tree cover, one of such pockets connects onto Goodhart's Wood complimenting it well. The village of Bishop Wilton boarders the site to the North West.The main tree species to be found within the wood are, Hazel, Ash, Oak, Cherry, Birch & Field Maple with shrub species of Holly, Guelder Rose & Hawthorn.