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Explorer 287
OS Landranger 109

George?s Wood can be found in the village of Ainsworth about 2 miles west of the town of Bury and forms part of the Red Rose Forest. The site is bounded to the east by Knowsley Road and to the south and west by housing land use to the north of the site is agricultural rough grazing pasture. The woodland was planted in 1974 on former pasture land and consists of a mixture of species which is dominated by Japanese larch Scots pine sycamore ash and beech. Other species which can be found more occasionally include Southern beech sweet chestnut horse chestnut oak and western balsam poplar. At present there is a limited regeneration shrub layer and ground flora due to intense shading from the dominant conifer species. However thinning operations carried out in 2000 and 2013 are beginning to rebalance the canopy in favour of native broadleaves species. In 1995 the woodland was gifted to The Woodland Trust by a private landowner. Secondary woodland is one of the sites key features. A public footpath enters the site in the south east corner and runs along the southern boundary of the site another public footpath skirts the western boundary of the site although this is just outside Woodland Trust land. Furthermore a circular permissive footpath has been created at the site. The woodland has developed into a significant local landscape feature and the path network is well used hence informal public access is a key feature. The Woodland Trust will aim to work in partnership with local people and organisations to deliver this management plan wherever possible.


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George's Wood Management Plan

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