10.06 ha (24.86 acres)

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Explorer 114
OS Landranger 192

There is a high proportion of woodland in the landscape around Cutteridge which sits within a major Ancient Woodland concentration Management access is attained by a rambling minor county road which becomes a stoned access track through Cutteridge Farm and onwards over a large concrete bridge across the A30 Trunk road (high weight limit) to the NE end of the wood. However there is no public vehicular access to the wood and it is approached by footpaths and bridleways. A permissive path network was established around the site as part of the project and a sundial created by a local stonemason was installed at the main entrance as the Millennium Feature. A circular path and two public footpaths cross the site and walkers can enjoy the River Chew that runs along the southern boundary.


  • Public access
  • Grassland
  • Broadleaved woodland


Cutteridge Wood Management Plan

PDF  (130 KB)