3.29 ha (8.13 acres)

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Explorer 198
OS Landranger 146

This site is made up of two areas of woodland Allt Cefn Maes Llan and Coed Perthneidr. Allt Cefn Maes Llan is a long thin woodland occupying one side of a very steep almost gorge like river valley. The southern part is east facing and is almost pure sessile oak. The northern part has a narrow area of flat land alongside the river supporting alder and ash and a diverse wet woodland flora. A public right of way footpath runs through the wood just above the river and provides a very attractive walk. A public footpath through a section of privately owned woodland links Coed Perthneidr. A moderately steep north and west facing spur slope covered by secondary woodland and scrub. The site is an important local landscape feature rising above a road which is a well-used holiday route. There is a short circular footpath with glades and a bench providing good views out to the sea to the east.


  • Public access
  • Broadleaved woodland


Coed Allt Cefn Maesllan Management Plan

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