Woodland in winter

Winter is special. It's a magical time to explore a different side to the woods. From cold, crisp, frosty mornings, to chilly, starlit evenings. Discover a whole winter wonderland with our icy ideas.

Explore a wood with a wintry walk

Why not go out on a family winter walk this festive season? Explore and discover an icy wonderland of adventures.

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Take kids to a winter wonderland

While you’re on a wintry walk, see what you can collect from the woodland floor. Pine cones make great Christmas decorations.

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Head out on a hunt for mistletoe

Have you ever been kissed under the mistletoe? The tradition of stealing a smooch has been around for centuries and this evergreen plant is steeped in mythology. Hang a bunch above your door this Christmas as a symbol of love.

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Create a wildlife haven in your garden

Woods are full of wildlife and just one tree can support hundreds of species. Imagine being able to provide food and shelter for so many animals, insects and birds in your own garden! Mid November to late March is the best season for planting, so why not get your spade out and start digging?

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Test your tree ID skills

Trees can be tough to identify without their leaves, but we love a challenge! Browse through common species and use the twig and bark photos to work out which tree you’ve found.

Winter tree identification

Trees need your help...

Explore a wood near you

Beech wood in autumn.

From wildlife to waterfalls, woodlands are wonderful places to visit.

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Children in woodland

Join us for an experience you'll never forget - for all the right reasons. From family adventures to woodland festivals.

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