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Woodland in summer

From walks and wildlife-watching to picnics and pooh-sticks, here are some great ideas to make the most of a great British summer.

Summer’s here - the warmest season of the year when the days are long and the nights are short. It's a beautiful time to explore and celebrate our woods.

Watch out for woodland wildlife

The woodland canopy closes over and spring’s woodland flowers go to seed. The light in woodland changes as they become cool and shady, offering respite from long, hot summer days.

willow warbler
Listen out for willow warblers
in summer.

Listen out for migrant birds that return to our woodland for the summer. Warblers produce some of the most melodic birdsong you'll ever hear. Willow warblers are slim, delicate birds of woodland, scrub, parks and gardens. They can be heard singing their warbling song from the tree canopy.

Icon SoundListen to the melodic willow warbler song

Woodlands in summer are buzzing with life. Insects are on the wing, amphibians, reptiles and mammals creep about the woodland floor and the tree canopy is lush and green.

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Invite a tree to tea!

Why not celebrate the great outdoors with a Tree Party this summer? Get your hands on one of our tree party goodie boxes and start planning your tree party!

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Go foraging

Rediscover childhood pleasures when you're out and about in woodland this summer, from blackberry picking to fungal forays. But pick with care. While many provide tasty treats, some plants and fungi can be toxic. Follow our foraging guide and be safe as well as sustainable.

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Have a wonderful dog walk

Treat your pooch to a tail-waggingly exciting walk in the woods. There's so much for your furry friend to see and do on a woodland walk, from splashing through muddy puddles to finding fascinating new smells. Our doggy-blogger Jess will be bringing you all the best sights and sounds of canine woodland walks.

Follow our dog walking code of conduct