The story so far

Our live nest camera, supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery, has been streaming footage of breeding ospreys from Loch Arkaig Pine Forest since 2017.

Our resident pair, Louis and Aila, usually return to the nest in early April, but a bout of windy weather held up lots of migrating birds this year. Louis eventually appeared, but Aila has not. Louis followed a new female off to another tree in the forest where they have settled down to breed. 

As a result, we thought our nest was going to be empty for the rest of summer, but then a new pair appeared. Although they may be too young to breed this year, they are spending time on the nest every day. Toggle back on the red timeline to see if they have been on the nest recently.

Check out our osprey FAQs for more information about the birds, our camera and Loch Arkaig.

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Arkaig ospreys: Behind the scenes of a nest camera in the Scottish Highlands

No wi-fi, no plug sockets, no film crew. Meet the people behind the camera and explore the set of the UK's most remote family drama.

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The osprey cam has been made possible thanks to support from players of People's Postcode Lottery.