The First World War had a devastating impact. Our First World War Centenary Woods were created to give thanks to those who gave so much. Over four years we planted hundreds of thousands of trees to represent the millions of lives lost and affected by the conflict.

Four flagship woods have been created in each of the UK's countries, providing a living legacy to all those affected by the conflict. They stand now as places of peace and beauty to remember and reflect.

Credit: Ben Lee / WTML

Langley Vale, England

England’s Centenary Wood, Langley Vale is 640 acres of rolling hills and grassy fields near Epsom.

Our vision for Langley Vale is a woodland full of native trees, including beech, rowan, hawthorn and oak and carpets of striking wildflowers. Local children, nearby residents, and volunteers from across the South East came together to help us plant tens of thousands of trees.

Langley Vale will link and buffer existing ancient woodland, creating a safe environment for wildlife to thrive. It's this rich diversity of life that has led to parts of Langley Vale Wood being designated Sites of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI).

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Credit: Tracey Dorman / WTML

Brackfield Wood, Northern Ireland

Brackfield Wood, Northern Ireland’s Centenary Wood, stretches alongside the River Faughan, just outside Derry/Londonderry. It nestles between our existing woods: Oaks Wood to the north and Killaloo Wood, an enchanting and ancient bluebell woodland, to the south.

We will plant 40,000 trees at Brackfield Wood, paying tribute to those who lost their lives across the island of Ireland during the First World War. A special memorial area will provide a poignant place for reflection and remembrance, overlooking the River Faughan amongst carpets of wildflowers.

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Credit: Helen Pugh / WTML

Dreghorn Woods, Scotland

Right on Edinburgh's doorstep, Dreghorn Woods, Scotland's Centenary Wood, was planted with 24,000 native trees and five acres of wildflowers. These new habitats link pockets of surrounding woodland in the Pentland Hills.

Woodland Trust Scotland worked in partnership with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation to create the new wood. It's just one of the woods that make up the over 1000ha planted with landowners and communities in commemoration across Scotland.

The site features a tree-lined avenue; commemorative seating with stunning views; the Quintinshill Grove planted to commemorate the loss of 216 soldiers from Leith who died in the Quintinshill rail disaster; and groves dedicated by WH Smith and MOTO in the Community.

Credit: Charlotte Wildermoth / WTML

Coed Ffos Las, Wales

Wales’ Centenary Wood Coed Ffos Las grows in the rolling hills of Carmarthenshire with views out to the coast.

Here, we plan to plant 90,000 native trees and create rich carpets of wildflowers, butterfly rides and a grazed orchard. The flourishing wood will become a haven for local wildlife. Local school children and staff from our lead partner Sainsburys helped kick off the planting as part of the project.

Look out for the Welsh Cob sculpture, outdoor classroom and amphitheatre. This new wood links with 64 acres of nearby woodland created for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, opening up corridors for wildlife and helping animals and plants survive, spread and grow in number.

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The Centenary Woods project was supported by you, our supporters, as well as our lead partner Sainsbury's, and was part of the Imperial War Museum's First World War Centenary Partnership and the Remember WW1 campaign. We also worked with the Army Cadet Force, Combined Cadet Force, Air Cadets, Armed Forces Covenant, Royal Naval Association, Find My Past and the National Football Museum.

Along the way, we reflected on some of the powerful stories of a generation’s unimaginable sacrifices and resilience. You and our partners dedicated trees in the memory of the soldiers who lost their lives, as well as to commemorate those at home who gave so much to the war effort.

There's still time to be a part of this special project

Planting is almost finished at our Centenary Woods, but we still need your help to complete the work at Langley Vale. Make a donation today to help create a vibrant woodland rich in wildlife which will serve as a poignant reminder of all those affected by the First World War.

Leave your own tribute that will stand for the next hundred years and beyond.