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Help us save Brynau Wood

Help us make our vision for Brynau Wood a reality. With your support, we can restore this incredible ancient woodland into a haven for wildlife, allowing it to flourish and thrive.

Credit: Chris O'Reilly /
Credit: Chris O'Reilly /

Imagine a long-forgotten ancient woodland restored into a sanctuary for wildlife, barren fields transformed into vibrant young woodland and an abandoned shack resurrected into a secure home for its resident barn owl.

All against the breathtaking backdrop of Swansea's famous bay, with views across to Mumbles lighthouse.

This is our vision for Brynau Wood and its surrounding farmland. With your help, we can make this vision a reality.

Securing the future of the landscape

Situated next to Gnoll Country Park, Brynau Wood is ideally placed among Welsh rolling hills and stunning scenery. Right now, however, it looks unloved, uncared for and is in urgent need of restoration.

There has been no formal access to this ancient woodland and its bluebells for many years, and non-native rhododendron and cherry laurel are choking the rare and delicate ground flora found here. We want to change that, by purchasing the wood and restoring it back to the incredible woodland it once was.

Once restored, we'll leave the ancient heart of Brynau to nature, allowing it to flourish along with the important wildlife it harbours.

A rare opportunity

Another parcel of land has unexpectedly come up for sale right next door to Brynau. This is a rare moment of good fortune we simply can't ignore.

If we can raise the funds to buy this new land as well as Brynau, we have the chance to think big and create a much greater expanse - a whole 235 acres - of wildlife-friendly space in the industrial heartland of Wales.

Ancient woodland like Brynau can't thrive in isolation. If successful, we aim to plant 150,000 new native trees to buffer and protect the wood, linking it with new hedges while fighting the effects of climate change and purifying the air.

As Brynau is in easy reach of 530,000 people, we have the opportunity to connect much of the Welsh population (18% in fact) with nature and create a peaceful oasis above Neath's urban sprawl.

Donate to the appeal

We can't secure the future of this wood without your help. We need to raise £2 million in order to acquire the land and turn this dream into a reality.

Please donate what you can - every donation we receive makes a difference and will help us achieve our target.