The Woodland Trust Volunteer Awards 
Philippa Batchelor, Oak Award 

>> Philippa Batchelor, volunteer administrator: 
I originally started at the Woodland Trust because I had time on my hands and I just thought, what's important to us and I love trees. We love walking. We love the countryside. So, the Woodland Trust was the first thing that came to my mind. 

 At the moment, I'm working on Woodland Trust events and I've been asked to look at how the public view the Woodland Trust website. And the people at the Woodland Trust are fantastic. They treat you wonderfully. 

It's a really nice atmosphere. I do it one day a week and it's a little bit of time for me and I am supporting something I totally believe in and I'm passionate about, and it is thoroughly important. 

>> Christina Joachim, events programme manager: 
Philippa volunteers for the events team. She does varied tasks. She probably never knows what she's going to do when she arrives on a Thursday morning: from admin work, she maintains the UK events calendar, she also – from a public perspective – proofreads the events that go on to our website, she does equipment audits for us, she makes name badges for events. She's really flexible and just wants to help and will do absolutely anything that is needed. She supports me in my role, simply because without her I wouldn’be able to do the volume of work that we do in the events team. She’s truly my unsung hero. 

>> Louise Trevor, communications and engagement manager: 
I nominated Philippa because I feel like she's really gone over and above what her roles are normally, as a volunteer. She kind of took on these additional duties in addition to everything that she normally does for Christina. She was super helpful. Really efficient. Nothing was too much trouble and I really don’t know what I would have done without her. So, I would just like to say a huge thank you Philippa. You’ve been an absolute superstar and, yeah, me and the rest of the team really appreciated all of your help. 



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