The Woodland Trust

Publication date:

October 2021

Publication type:

Practical guidance



Restoring Ancient Woodland document cover

We have produced a number of guides to help land managers make the best decisions to manage and protect their ancient woodlands. We also deliver subsidised training courses, both online and face to face, based on these guides. 

This is an introductory summary of these guides, what they cover and where you can find them, as well as how you can access the associated training.

Ancient woodland is an umbrella term which refers to a number of the UK’s most valuable, wildlife-rich habitats. Ancient woods are woods that have existed since at least 1600 in England and Wales, and 1750 in Scotland.

Every single acre of ancient woodland that remains is vitally important to the ecology and wildlife of the UK, and we all have a role to play in protecting them, particularly their owners and the people who manage them.



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