The Woodland Trust

Publication date:

December 2020

Publication type:

Practical guidance



Ancient Woodland Restoration Phase Three: maximising ecological integrity

This is the fifth and final module in our series on ancient woodland restoration. This practical guide focuses on the third phase of restoration management: maximising ecological integrity.

The guide is of use to anyone involved in the management of ancient woodland sites and provides details on:

  • How to accumulate more old-growth characteristics like old trees and decaying wood.
  • Better space and dynamism in wooded ecosystems, the role of animals and near-to-nature forestry.
  • Considering natural processes and management interventions at landscape, site, stand, and individual tree scale.
  • Better physical health, water and air quality.
  • Appropriate reintroductions and translocations.
  • The importance of the wider landscape to the integrity of an individual ancient woodland.
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