The Big Climate Fightback


Credit: Paul Sterry / WTML
Credit: WTML

We are leading The Big Climate Fightback

Help us fight for the future of the planet by being one in a million people pledging to support tree planting on 30 November 2019.

Every tree counts

Trees are the ultimate multi-taskers, helping to combat the two environmental emergencies facing our planet: climate change and biodiversity loss.

They absorb carbon, fight flooding, reduce pollution, nurture wildlife and make landscapes more resilient.

Reducing our carbon emissions will never be enough. It’s vital we grow a UK-wide patchwork of trees and woods - not just by planting, but also through natural regeneration. The woods, hedges and green spaces we create buffer existing habitats, tackle climate change and reverse wildlife decline – all at the same time. 

Newly planting sapling trees

Join the Big Climate Fightback

Fight for the future of our planet by doing something simple - help to plant a tree.

Pledge to plant

Ways to get involved

Pledge to plant a tree in your garden, take part in a tree planting event or help to spread the word and encourage others to get involved. Whatever you do, please sign the pledge so you your action is counted. Because #EveryTreeCounts.

  • Plant in your garden.
  • Attend a tree planting event at your local school or community area.
  • Speak to your local council about tree planting opportunities, or ask them to host an event.
  • Make a donation to us so that we can plant trees for you.
  • Share #EveryTreeCounts on social media and encourage your friends to get involved.

Fighting climate change together

Young trees in a field beneath blue skies

Credit: Laurie Campbell/WTML

Landowners are doubling their efforts

Applications for our MOREwoods subsidised tree packs have doubled. Thanks to our funding, landowners will plant 400 hectares of new woodland this autumn and winter.

Boy planting a tree at Heartwood Forest

Credit: Judith Parry / WTML

Communities are coming together

Our community tree packs have had a bumper year. This November 3,400 neighbourhood groups and schools who applied for free tree packs will plant 716,000 trees across the UK. Each one a climate change warrior.

We're also repeating last year's partnership with London's Mayor offering free trees to thousands of Londoners.

Girl holding #iwill campaign placard

Credit: Phil Formby / WTML

Young people are planting for the future

Our new Young People’s Forest in Derbyshire is taking root with thousands of youngsters planting to save their planet, thanks to fantastic support including from the #iwill campaign.

Mobilising a million pledgers is huge, but together we can shout our message loud and clear...

Children planting trees silhouetted against blue sky

The British public cares about the climate and is ready to fight back!

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