You’ve helped us take steps to combat the climate crisis by planting trees at home or with your school and community groups.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing your shared tree planting pictures using and want to thank you for spreading the word about the climate crisis. Keep an eye out for more Big Climate Fightback news soon and join in the conversation using #BigClimateFightback tagging @WoodlandTrust.

Still want to donate?

You can still help support our work. It's simple and every penny you give protects climate-fighting woods and trees for the future.

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What you've helped to achieve

Whether you've planted your own tree, donated to our cause or spread the word - you are part of the #BigClimateFightback.

Credit: Phil Formby / WTML

More trees in the ground

You are now the custodians of 60,000 trees handed out in our giveaway. And thousands more of you have bought trees from our shop. It means you're helping us get even closer to our target of 50 million carbon-locking trees in the ground by 2025. 

Credit: Phil Formby / WTML

Vital funds for woods and trees

We've received thousands of donations to help our vital work of planting, restoring and protecting woods and trees across the UK. Using our decades of experience, we always ensure the right trees are planted in the right place. Find out more about how donations are spent.

Credit: Phil Formby / WTML

Growing online community of support

One of the best ways to help is to tell others about it. Our growing community of online supporters have been using the #BigClimateFightback hashtag to show that tree planting is a simple, natural solution that everyone can get behind.

Credit: Phil Formby / WTML

A new generation of tree planters

Masses of you have turned into a new generation of tree planters, helping to get millions of trees in the ground in gardens, at tree planting events and in neighbourhoods. Your enthusiasm to care for and protect our planet can be seen in bucket loads (and spades)!


Tree planting and care - our top tips

If you need help and advice on tree planting and care, we've got five decades of expertise under our belt to share with you.

Supported by players of People's Postcode Lottery

For over a decade, players of People's Postcode Lottery have supported our work to plant trees and connect communities. We're delighted they're right by our side for the Big Climate Fightback.