We can all I suppose as individuals make a difference but when you've got access to land you can make a real difference. You can try to mitigate climate change, you can try and help with the biodiversity crisis, you can try and draw down carbon. And what I, what I don't want my children to do is grow up, and say 'what did, what did you do to try and help Dad', and I say 'well I didn't do anything'. Whereas I thought if I can make these sort of small differences in the farm and that's the beauty of something like hedges and edges. It isn't asking people to do anything massively different it's just very small things that add up to something big. It was an easy win for us and for the environment. We didn't have to change any farming practice or do anything radically different and also I got a huge amount out of it personally as well.

When you plant a new hedge it's not just the hedge it's you know you walk along that hedge behind me now that I planted two years ago and you see all the butterflies and then you see the field mice that are running around in the bottom and suddenly we've got owls around. You don't have to be an ecological genius to realise the impact that has on so many different things.

Farming is a long-term game you know you can't think about what we're going to do next year you've got to think about what we're doing for the next generation and if you believe in science and you believe in the way that the world is changing, you've got to start mitigating for that and making plans.

We would not have planted all this length of hedge on our own, couldn't have afforded to. So, the financial support but also having that advice was invaluable. I genuinely can't speak highly enough of Coed Cadw (Woodland Trust) and the way they're supporting farmers. And the way they make it easy and also dare I say quite fun. It's nice to be a part of something, it's nice to work with people and get people back on farms and you know I've really enjoyed getting people here I've had a few from, my neighboring farmers come and see what we've done and open their eyes a bit as well hopefully. So, yeah it's kind of a win for everybody.