We can subsidise up to 75% of the cost if you plant 100 metres or more of new hedging and allow a large tree to grow every six metres. Includes advice and guidance on planting.


Before proceeding with your application, please read the following eligibility criteria. If your application does not comply with the following criteria it will be not be approved.

The MOREhedges project is intended to create new ecological links with woodland in the surrounding landscape. New hedging must connect with:

  • at least 0.2 hectares of existing or newly planted woodland (0.1ha in Scotland)
  • woodland via established hedgerows within 500m of the new hedge.

You must plant at least 100 metres of new hedgerow in a single run. 

We cannot support the replanting or gapping up of existing hedgerows. 

How much can I plant?

You can plant 100-1000 metres, but we will only fund more than 250 metres per season in conjunction with additional woodland creation through our MOREwoods scheme.


We offer a subsidy of 75% against the total cost of the plants, guards and support. We cannot arrange or fund fencing or planting contractors.

Create new hedgerows with MOREhedges

Our MOREhedges scheme offers advice, trees for your project and potential for financial support.

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