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Read our FAQs before submitting your application.

Not sure if your hedgerow is eligible, or want to know more about our MOREhedges funding?

Read our FAQs before submitting your application.

Getting started

All fields are required unless indicated as optional.

Applications are now being taken for planting more than 100m of new hedging between November 2022 and March 2023.

Please note: funding for more than 250m of hedging is only available when planting woodland at the same time.

Condition of planning permission
While we cannot supply trees for planting as a condition of planning permission, we may be able to offer advice. Please contact us for help or to discuss applications which go beyond the planning stipulations.
If you are receiving funding to plant this hedgerow, you are not eligible for the MOREhedges scheme.
Planting area GRID reference

The GRID reference format must be two letter followed by six numbers, e.g. AA123456

Do you still need help finding the grid reference? Please view our grid reference video.

Planting area maps

In order for us to consider your scheme you must send us a map of the line of hedging you are planning to plant - unfortunately we won't be able to process your application until these are received.

Please note: due to Covid, responding to post will take longer than usual. If you are able to upload your maps we will be able to respond to your application more quickly.

Please send two maps:

One of the wider area and a larger scale map indicating the line that you would like to plant. These should have the hedgerow planting area(s) clearly marked. This will enable us to assess your eligibility for funding.

Please refer to our MOREhedges site plan guide for more details and simple instructions on how to create a map.

Maps are essential for us to process your application. You must attach at least one map, ideally two, or agree to send us a map by post to progress with your application.

Add a map showing the location of your land within the wider landscape, ideally showing adjacent features such as roads or field boundaries. (Max upload size 10Mb)

Add a map with a close-up view indicating the line(s) where you would like to plant your hedgerow. (Max upload size 10Mb)