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Apply for MOREwoods or MOREhedges

Tree planting schemes for landowners

Applications are now being taken for planting in 2020 due to popular demand. If you are planting in the Northern Forest or planting through MOREhedges we will be able to process your application sooner.

Are you in the Northern Forest area? Check on the link below.
Northern Forest

Want to ask us something about our large scale planting schemes? Please get in touch using our enquiry form or call us on 0330 333 5303.

Please note: All our subsidised or free products have defined eligibility criteria; should you not meet those, or we consider the product to be otherwise unsuitable, we will offer the most appropriate product available. We will share your details with our nursery partners, contractors, couriers, sponsors and any other third parties involved directly in the funding or delivery of your Woodland Trust trees.


Please note fields marked * are mandatory.

Condition of planning permission

Applicants are for the UK only. Applications can be from both members and non-members of the Woodland Trust. The following information is required before you can start your application.

Planting area GRID reference
Visit Grid Finder, (link opens in a new tab/window) and enter the nearest postcode to the planting site. Right click on the icon to see the grid reference. We need the six digit reference which is shown in bold, underneath the longer reference. Do you still need help finding the grid reference? Please view our grid reference video.
Planting area maps

In order for us to consider your scheme we need an initial indication of the area(s) you are considering planting. Please send two maps: one of the wider area and a larger scale map indicating the area that you would like to plant. These should have the woodland planting area(s) clearly marked. This will enable us to assess your eligibility for funding. The plan doesn’t need to be definitive at this stage, but it is useful for our advisors to have before visiting the site in person. Please refer to our MOREwoods site plan guide for more details.

Please Note: Maps are essential for us to process your application. You should must attach at least one map, ideally two, or agree to send us a map by post to progress with your application.

Please send your maps to:

Woodland Creation Team
Woodland Trust
Kempton Way
NG31 6LL