Our nurseries are still picking and packing trees to be delivered on their pre-agreed date.

Unfortunately we are unable to change your delivery date. In order to ensure the nurseries can fulfil orders in a Covid-secure way we are minimising any changes to deliveries once they have been arranged.

The nurseries are still delivering trees as part of the essential works permitted, so there is no need to cancel your order as a result of changing lockdown rules. However, if your circumstances have changed and you wish to cancel your order you will need to contact your Project Officer or call us direct on 0330 333 5303, giving at least 2 weeks’ notice.

MOREwoods funding is available for any landowners or farmers to plant woodlands on their land as long as eligibility criteria are met.

Anyone can apply on behalf of the landowner but they must have the landowner’s permission. 

MOREwoods funding is designed to create new habitat for wildlife across the UK. Eligible projects must plant:

  • at least 1.25 acres (0.5 hectares) of new woodland and
  • 1000-1600 trees per hectare.

The area can be made up of multiple smaller blocks of at least 0.1ha each. There is no maximum size limit, although larger projects may be advised of other grant schemes available. 

MOREwoods cannot fund trees for restocking in established woodland, or planting on areas of recently felled woodland.

MOREwoods costs vary as each quote is calculated to meet the specific requirements of each project. This takes into account elements such as planting density and suitable tree protection.

Through MOREwoods, we subsidise up to 75% of the cost of the trees, tree protection, advice and guidance provided if you choose to plant the trees yourself.

If you live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland and would like a contractor to plant the trees for you, we can arrange this and cover up to 60% of all costs for woodland creation over 1ha. And if you are planting in the Northern Forest you might be eligible for an even higher subsidy rate.

For a no obligation quote to see what your new woodland might cost, apply today for MOREwoods.

Applications are all taken through our online application form.

To apply, you will need:

This is used to check the site is eligible for funding and suitable for planting trees.

The application form takes about 15 minutes to complete. You can complete it yourself or ask someone to complete it on your behalf.

If you wish to receive funding through MOREwoods, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions. These include the need to commit to the care and management of the woodland for at least 30 years as part of the UK Government’s ambition to reach net carbon zero by 2050.

When planting through MOREwoods you will be unable to continue claiming any Basic Farm Payment grants on the area where you plant the woodland. However some agricultural grants are unaffected.

If you are eligible for other woodland creation grants, such as government funding, our team will be able to recommend these to you and you may be able to retain your agricultural grants.  If you are unsure please call us on 0330 333 5303 for advice.

Regulations differ across the UK so it’s best to check with the Forestry Commission or country equivalent if you aren’t sure.

In England, planning permission isn’t needed if your project is under 2ha and in a low risk area. Check your area using the Forestry Commission land information search. If you are in a low risk area but over 2ha, or if you are in a sensitive area, you will need to contact the Forestry Commission about completing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

To complete an EIA, you will be expected to consult relevant local stakeholders about your tree planting plans. We recommend checking with:

  • county archaeologist
  • Environment Agency
  • RSPB
  • Parish Council
  • any local neighbours who might be affected.

We cannot provide funding or advice through MOREwoods for any trees that are a condition of a planning application.

All successful MOREwoods applications will receive a site visit from one of our expert woodland creation advisers. They will discuss your objectives for the woodland and recommend suitable tree species and tree protection for the site. You will then receive a site report with your woodland design and a no obligation quote for the cost of your project.

If you wish to proceed, we will ask you to sign an agreement accepting our funding terms and conditions and take payment for your contribution towards the project. We will then order your trees and tree protection from our chosen tree nursery. All our trees are sourced and grown in the UK and Ireland to reduce the risk of pests and diseases.

We hold monthly meetings to check the eligibility of each application. Depending on when you apply, it may take up to 2 months for you to hear if your project has been approved.

A wide variety of native trees is available for MOREwoods projects. Our expert advisers will recommend which species are suitable for your site and planting objectives. 

Learn more about some of the trees we supply in our guide to 31 native tree species.

The Woodland Trust reserves the right to amend species mixes depending on stock levels and germination rates.

The trees supplied are all one to two year old saplings ranging from 20-60cm in height. This makes them easy to transport, handle and plant. Saplings this size also establish very quickly – they can reach adult head height in around eight years.

Our MOREwoods scheme includes subsidised tree protection. Our expert advisers will discuss the best tree protection for your site with you.

All trees are delivered during tree planting season. This runs from November to March across most of the UK, but can stretch into October and April in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We will ask you to supply a delivery address as part of the application form. This must be:

  • a registered postal address
  • accessible
  • hard-standing ground for a 6-wheel truck.

You will be able to select a delivery date when placing your order. It’s important that someone is available at the delivery address between 8.30 - 17.30 on the day of delivery to sign for the trees.

The MOREwoods trees will be supplied as bare root trees, so they need to be planted within 7 days of delivery.

You should store your trees in a dry, frost free location before planting to ensure the roots aren’t damaged.

If you are unable to plant the trees within 7 days, you should heel the trees into the ground. This involves digging a shallow trench, placing the roots into it and covering them over with soil. This protects the roots and the trees can survive like this until the end of tree planting season (March) if necessary.

You must plant the trees in their long term home before they come out of dormancy in April, otherwise they will put down roots in the trench.

Follow our guide to three of the most successful methods to plant your new trees.

Your adviser will recommend the density of the trees and so the spacing they should be planted at. Typical planting densities include a tree every 3 metres (1,100 trees per hectare) or a tree every 2.5 metres (1,600 trees per hectare).

Weeding is the most important step in giving your trees the right start. For more maintenance advice to help your trees thrive, visit our aftercare page.  

Think big with MOREwoods

Our MOREwoods scheme is ideal for anyone planting on a large scale. You may be eligible for financial support.

Apply now